The PBS Gurus rock! I have been using their services for 5 months now and they have helped me out with narrow body line bidding, CQT bidding, and even helped me maximize a vacation month with strategic bidding of reserve. Either via email or phone, they have been very responsive to all my needs! Highly recommend!

Jeff / 737 FO
PBS Gurus have repeatedly saved me from myself. For the 6 months that I have worked with them, the Gurus have caught a significant error(s) that I had/have made in my PBS bid, each and every month. They also made excellent suggestions to enhance my schedule from both personal and profitability perspectives. I tell everyone I fly with about them and recommend them very highly. Don’t try to bid without them.
Brian, BOS/737/FO
I have been working with PBS Gurus for several months now and they have been fantastic. As a senior captain, they found ways to fine tune my bid and allow me to be very precise. I am able to get the trips I want as well as the days off I need. Most importantly, I no longer worry about a box I forgot to check. Worth every penny
Ed, DFW/737/Captain

Using PBS Gurus for bidding is a huge weight off my chest. I thought bidding would be easy as a top 10 FO but I was often surprised when PBS did not award me the trips I wanted. PBS Gurus built my bid from scratch, fine tuned my parameters and helped me get precisely what I wanted. Strongly recommend!

Steve, PHL/E190/FO
PBS Guru’s are the wAAy to go. After attending multiple in-person classes, and watching all the videos, I still was not getting a desirable schedule, and I have decent relative seniority. I was making mistakes during the PBS process because I didn’t understand the system completely.

The first month with PBS Gurus netted me a solve in Layer 2, and the exact trips that I desired.

Wonderful to work with the professionals at PBS Gurus. And well WORTH THE MONEY !

Hank Putek, 787 Captain, LAX
Holy Moly, I solved in L! and got my entire wish list. Thank you Colin!
Mike, MIA/320/FO
L2, 9 days off over Thanksgiving! Time to buy a lottery ticket now. Thanks Colin.
Marcus, MIA/320/FO
Mike solved me in round 2! Got the weekend off that I needed…well done :white_check_mark.
Brian, MIA/CA/737
Holy Crap!!!! It is fan freaking tastic!! BRILLIANT!!!! I’ll talk to you next month. You guys are worth every penny! I will be singing your praises to all my FOs. Thanks Paul!!!
Juli, LAX/737/CA
I got a great schedule! Very happy! Thanks again. Talk to you in a month!
Heather, LGA/737/FO
I got everything thing I need.
Ralph, MIA/767/CA
Bill, You are a rock star. Schedule is awesome! Look forward to working with you next month.
Tito, MIA/737/CA
I have to tell you John was absolutely fantastic :thumbup::thumbup:I can’t thank you enough! He was so thorough and so patient and so wonderful and explaining everything. He was awesome! I will look forward to working with him again.
I just thought you should know how fantastic he was Drew! Worked out GREAT ! Thank you SO much!!! Got ALL days off I needed and a mix of 4 IPD trips!
I just wanted to let you know that I was extremely happy with the help that I received from Ella this month. She is a Godsend! Please pass on my best regards to her and your team.
Holly, LAX
This is the best $99 I’ve ever spent. This is so much better than going to ops, where the specialists are too busy and it’s so noisy. This is a private appointment and it’s so nice.” Thank You Jane!!
Frank, LAX FA
Mike!! I got my schedule…solved in L1 and they gave me an extra day off. I Got the must off on the 4th and then they put an off on on the 10th. Thanks for the help and the extra call and text to get it right…appreciate what you did.
Hi Mark,
100% of goals achieved.
Thanks for your help, and safe flying!
Mike, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the help! Looks like I don’t need to call in sick for the honeymoon!
Wanted to tell you my APR schedule turned out great!
Can’t thank you enough.
All 3 day trips / late sign-in, late return.
All the days off I needed.
I’ll be calling again next month !!!!!!!
Thanks again
Scott, CA 320 LGA
Holy Mackerel Mike!!!! Thanks for the help for April!!!!
Kevin, MIA 737 CA
I am so thankful for PBS Gurus! With the stress of having to learn every aspect of PBS bidding, Drew’s knowledge and expertise helped this flight attendant to relax. I absolutely recommend PBS Gurus! Thank you, Drew!
Patti, LAX/777/FA