Frequently Asked Questions
Pilots know what they want, but translating that into the PBS software can be difficult and frustrating. Our PBS experts will listen to what you want and more importantly what you do NOT want. We will then use our expert PBS knowledge and Max Perform Your Seniority. The PBS manual is over 100 pages. Our experts are intimately familiar with the many features, pitfalls, tools and bidding strategies so you don’t have to be.
Absolutely! The super senior often do not harness all of the features that PBS has to offer and tend to settle for a sub standard schedule. We will make sure you are maximizing all of the PBS features to your benefit.
No, you will need to be at a non company computer in order for our experts to work with you. Your personal computer (PC or MAC) are preferred.
No, our PBS experts will never ask for your PBS password. We use a secure 3rd party solution to access your computer. Your permission is required.
Yes! Our experts know when you are up for recurrent training and will remind you when you become eldgtible to bid. If you need help entering a CQT bid, we can assist with that too.
Yes! Our team has seen several different kinds of bidding errors among wide body pilots. We also see bids that fail to truly harness all of the features that PBS has to offer. The pilot is often unaware that his schedule can be greatly improved.
Every month is different. Our experts will ask the appropriate questions and ensure we understand your desires including the days you need off. We will help you maximize your pay for months containing training, vacation etc. After recommending a strategy, we will lead you through every step.
Yes! Bidding reserve can be very unforgiving. A pilot bidding reserve should rarely solve in Layer N, yet we see it happen routinely. Our team will guide your bid and error check it for all of the common pitfalls causing reserve layers to fail. We understand it can be frustrating to learn how you should have bid after the awards come out. Our team will do the due diligence so you don’t have to. Ask about our strategy to help you get the first weekend of the month off.
Unfortunately no. Coverage days are determined by the PBS software as it processes awards. Our team is very familiar with the process of coverage day assignment and will structure your bid accordingly. Although our Gurus can not predict coverage days, we can implement bidding strategies that give you the best chance at getting the days off that you need.
No. What we can do is maximize your current seniority. Your seniority paired with our team’s experienced bidding practices may result in a better schedule award than pilots senior to you.
We understand that life, pairings and desired time off can vary from month to month. Our experts will make sure we max perform your seniority every month including when things change.
Yes! The PBS Gurus can NOT guarantee days off but we can implement additional strategies often overlooked by the average bidder. Our strategies will ensure you are doing everything you can do in order to get the most important days off.