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About Us

Our Gurus are a team of professionally trained PBS consultants. We have been professionally trained in Preferential Bidding and have a deep understanding of how the program works. We are very familiar with all bases and all fleet types. Our Gurus have extensive experience helping both flight attendants and pilots. We can advise you on the best bidding strategy for your situation.

In order to make the Guru team, a member must demonstrate an advanced level of PBS knowledge. We require our Gurus to be proficient with all bases and fleet types and to have a detailed knowledge of scheduling practices, pairing types (in your base), FAR117, and the Contract. With all of this knowledge together, we are confident of success in helping you improve your monthly schedule.

The PBS Gurus have helped countless pilots and flight attendants improve both their quality of life and their income. We have helped our clients get more credit, more time off, relieving a great deal of stress for our pilot group.