Max Performing Your Seniority!

Let Our Former PBS Trainers Max Perform Your Seniority

We are a team of PBS Consultants dedicated to improving your quality of life.

Our goal is to provide you with a stress-free bidding experience. In a 45 minute phone call, one of our Gurus will build your monthly bid for you. As pilots and flight attendants, we understand what you want and as PBS Gurus, we understand how to translate your individual desires into an effective bid.

Avoid Bidding Mistakes

Pilots and flight attendants often under bid or lack the expertise to get the schedule they intended. We will ensure you are bidding the schedule and pay that YOU want. If you have ever been surprised by redeyes, ODANS or weekend trips, we can help.

The bidding process can cause a lot of anxiety. Let our Gurus ensure a stress free bidding experience.

PBS bidding requires an understanding of how the software works – the best bidders think like programmers.

Our consultants are experts in PBS and are intimately familiar with the inner workings of your PBS software. Most importantly, we understand how to communicate your scheduling desires to the PBS program.

Our Experience Provides You Piece of Mind

Our team of PBS Gurus (pilots and flight attendants) understand all aspects of bidding and have helped thousands of customers with their bids. Whether you have 30 years of seniority or a new hire, our team knows how to max perform your bid, providing the best quality of life that your seniority will allow. ALL of our PBS Gurus are former PBS Trainers with extensive PBS experience. Our pilot gurus work with pilot customers. Our Flight Attendant Gurus work with Flight Attendant customers. You get peace of mind.

The PBS Gurus rock! I have been using their services for 5 months now and they have helped me out with narrow body line bidding, CQT bidding, and even helped me maximize a vacation month with strategic bidding of reserve. Either via email or phone, they have been very responsive to all my needs! Highly recommend!
– Jeff / 737 FO

How It Works


Using our website, you pick an available appointment that best suits your schedule. When your appointment time arrives, grab a seat in front of your computer and log in to PBS – we will call you.

During The Appointment

With your permission and using industry-leading software, our Guru will remotely access your computer and get to work listening and coaching. Together we will build the bid that best suits your desires. When your bid is complete, we end the session and terminate the connection.

That’s It!

After your bid is submitted, you have peace of mind knowing that your bid not only reflects what you want, but you have the best shot at getting a great schedule.

Let us Max Perform Your Seniority


Using our expert knowledge of PBS, we will do our absolute best to get you the schedule you want and can hold. When you sign up with us, we will listen to your preferences and more importantly, what you most want to avoid (All Nighters!!). Then it is time to get to work building your bid.  Together, We will build your bid for you. Our pricing is $99 per month with no commitments. We would love to help you every month or just the months you need us and you only pay when you book us.
If you are often frustrated with unpredictable results, dread bidding every month or feel you don’t understand PBS as well as you should, then this service is for you. With PBS Gurus on your side, you will have more free time and one less thing to worry about.

Max Performing Your Seniority!