American Airlines Pilots, Make IMax limits work for you instead of against you!

adjective: IMAXED

Contractually imposed limit to flying while still getting paid the bottom of the PBS line construction window. ”I am IMaxed to 7 hours in September but will get paid for approximately 75 hours”

Increase your annual income and take 2 months off!

IMax Gurus are now available to build a custom IMax plan for you. Using a combination of low time and high time flying, we can leverage IMax to give you 2 consecutive months off with pay.You must be willing to fly low time (recommend reserve) one or two months and fly high time (93 + hours) the remaining months. Depending on your situation, the use of PVDs may be required during certain months in order to get your PROJ up over 120. No need to worry if you get sick during the year, sick time counts the same as flying a trip.

As long as you are willing to do the above, we have you covered.Pick 2 consecutive months (Must be 8 months away from today)  between August and April and sign up for a personalized iMax training session. We will build you a plan to get you two consecutive months off per year using IMax. Everything we do is per the contract.

IMax Gurus are here to save you time and make it simple!Whether you use us or not, every pilot should be proactive about forecasting their IMax. Stop being surprised by IMax limits and start using it to your advantage.